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LichiEngine is an cross-platform 2D game engine written in c++ on top of SFML.


  • Box2D Integrated for physics.
  • Lua as scripting system.
  • Scenegraph.
  • Entity system (component based).
  • Script instancing.
  • TMX format support.
  • TMX streaming for android.
  • TGUI as UI system.
  • Fast acces documentation.
  • Entity creator.
  • Raycast.
  • Triggers.
  • Easy scene save/load.
  • Cross platform (windows,linux and android).
  • Light system (shadows WIP).
  • Automatic navigation grid generator.
  • Pathfinding algorithms (BFS,Dijkstra,Flat fill).
  • Networking (WIP).
  • Open source editor.
  • Rigidbody click detection.
  • Timer system.
  • Aspect ratio keeper.
  • Sprite blend (WIP).
  • Low level api acces (SFML).

By buying lichiEngine you will get the nature game pack for free wich countains:

  • Forest tileset.
  • Character entity.
  • Wolf entity.
  • Trees/bush.

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Published 161 days ago
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